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Mukesh Dhamala

Associate Professor

• May 2000, PhD in Theoretical Physics, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
• May 2000-July 2002, Postdoctoral Fellow, Georgia Tech School of Physics and Emory School of Medicine, Atlanta
• August 2002 - September 2004, Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Complex Systems & Brain Sciences, FAU
• Nov 2004 - June 2007, Research Assistant Scientist, Biomedical Engineering, UF, Gainesville


Dr. Dhamala is a physicist and neuroscientist with extensive expertise in brain imaging and modeling research. As an applied physicist, his research mission is to bring basic physics, including nano-optics, and neuroscience research discoveries into clinical applications to improve human health. His current research explores the neural mechanisms for human decision-making, epileptic seizure propagation and stroke recovery. He is a leading expert in brain network activity analysis such as spectral Granger causality for brain imaging and electrophysiological data. He received an NSF CAREER award for his research program in 2010. He joined Georgia State University in the fall of 2007 as an assistant professor of physics and neuroscience, and was promoted to the rank of an associate professor with tenure in 2013.

Project Collaborations

Sarah Brosnan, Georgia State University

Andrew Butler, Georgia State University

Charles Epstein, Emory University

Zonghua Liu, East China Normal University

Kimford Meador, Stanford University

Martin Norrgard, Georgia State University

Awadhesh Prasad, Delhi University

Krish Sathian, Emory University